If you apply Murphy’s Law, it will no longer be applicable.

If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway!

Sometimes just by talking to people, you end up in controversies. A casual comment, or a light-hearted conversation can sometimes trigger the most biggest controversies. By the time, you get to your senses, enough damage is already done and you are right up there as the face of the controversy. And the worst thing is, it reaches the person whom you value the most with the maximum damage about your personality. When you try to sort it, it gets even worse.

People looking from the aerial view can never understand how messy the ground view is. 

There is that one person whom you just cannot team up and work with, and you stay away from them as much as you can. But then, there comes a situation, when your manager wants you to work with her, unaware of the underlying tension. Doomed!! because nobody is bigger than the organization.

If you think you are doing the right thing, chances are it will back-fire in your face. 

When you work in a team, invariably there is a black sheep who will never work but does only the compering. You will slog like a dog and perform more than the others, but the black sheep will be the one to be acknowledged by not only the boss, but also by the super boss.

The worst golf shots always occur when playing with someone you are trying to impress. 

You are an expert in your work and you are like fish to water at it. You troubleshoot in seconds some of the technicalities that nobody can even think of solving. When that one person, whom you have been dying to impress, comes for a help, you fumble the worst.

If authority was mass, stupidity would be gravity.

hahhaah…. needs no annotation. The most stupid person, will hold the manager’s reins.


Zoho Projects: A Powerful Online Project Management and Collaboration Tool That Can Handle All Company Needs

Pro / Con Media

Recently, Pro / Con Media Marketing has been exploring many different web-based project management solutions, including Google Apps, Basecamp, Zoho Projects and others.

Below, here’s our review of the leader of the pack…in our humble opinion.

Zoho Projects (http://www.zoho.com/projects) is one of the most effective online project management solutions out there for good reason. As part of the comprehensive Zoho suite of web-based productivity applications, Zoho Projects gives users access to a wide range of project management and collaboration features, many with powerful applications not found in other project management programs. Each project has a ‘dashboard’ giving users a summarized snapshot of its current stream of activity. As well, users are able to add or view tasks and milestones, add or view calendar items, add, view or schedule meetings, view, and add or edit documents. There’s a plethora of other high-end features perfect for organizations that require corporate-wide…

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Five reasons why office stress is good

I know I am going to ruffle a few feathers, but I am going to take on. I am qualified to speak about this, because this is my 10th year in the IT industry and I have had more than my share of ups and downs. We all have a grueling schedule at work, which sometimes wakes up the philosophers within each of us, and we question things like “Destiny”, “Why only me”, “ Importance of Money”, “ Karma”, “ Family”, and so on. (Please add whatever you feel, to this list.)

Your mind is engaged: You constantly keep thinking about ways to refine your work. You have so many pending things, that need to be done. You prioritize your schedule. You plan on what to tell your manager who does not understand the nitty-gritties involved in your work. You need to schedule a long-pending customer call. And the list goes on. All this helps to keep your mind engaged continually, which will otherwise lose its optimal efficiency.

You unwind from home: You forget the morning spat that you had with your spouse, because there is an even nastier mail. All that your mother-in-law kept bugging is now out of the window, as your colleague beats your MIL at bugging. You want to forgive your child’s crankiness, because there is someone else more cranky in office. You forget the pending things at home, because you have way too many pending work in office, that need to be done immediately. Imagine if you had no stress in office, you would still be thinking about home and its nonsense even in office.

You stop imagining unnecessary things: I know how I spent my break of 2 months, during a job shift. There were days I would simply Google for a minor health issue, and end up diagnosing myself with a terminal illness. I would  imagine myself in situations which will never happen. I will start worrying endlessly, if my son’s van driver is late by even 5 minutes. Finally when I joined my new office, under a bossy manager, I had no time to stress about unnecessary things even at home.

You learn to manage people: There was this very good friend of mine in office for more than a couple of years, but one fine day a series of events in office, had us standing at opposite poles. And there was this customer support guy, who was my managers favorite, carrying tales about the rest of the team. Another content writer, would weave stories about others and add to the grapevine. The senior management was very accommodative to one particular team. You know, it is endless. And there are so many people in office,  who teach us the value of our very own people at home.

You learn the art of survival: When you are stressed beyond a certain point, you identify that ONE manager in the senior management, who will listen to you and resolve your issues. Stress levels make you compare the different people and different organizations that you have worked for. You find your own way out, and learn to do what you want.

All of us are stressed in office, and we constantly keep cribbing about it. We wish for that perfect office, so that we can be more efficient. But I am not sure, how it would be, if we didn’t have managers to bash, colleagues to gossip about (He always bags the best performer, she keep traveling abroad, that “HOT” manager, ……), friend turned foe, the incorrect work that was escalated by the client, and so many other stress related to office.

Have you ever been in a situation, wherein you felt the previous organization was better in spite of the bossy manager, instead of the current office, who don’t give a good hike. That’s how it works! You would still crib, if you were your own boss, if you don’t learn to manage your stress.

With you my reality is better than my dreams

I was breaking my head, to title my product help page, but my mind would simply not give me that keyword. I started referring my previous titles and other related pages to find that exact punch. But I wasn’t lucky. It is like, breaking your head hard to remember something that struck you just a second back, and evaporated out of the mind the next moment. Irritated, I just looked out of the office window, facing the mountains to breathe in the fresh smell. I kept staring at blank space for sometime, and then my eyes slowly moved to the thermos flask, my notepad, and then lingered at the laptop on my desk. Again I helplessly stared into that help page without the caption.

My head started pounding, so I just picked up my thermos flask and walked to the pantry to get some water. I always have this habit of walking to the pantry to fill water, when there is a mind block or when I just want to recharge myself.

As I walked, I saw a support guy trying hard to match the clients accent, a developer engrossed in his code, few familiar faces were busy on FB, some were doing that “walk the talk” with their iPhone, and it was just then I caught that rustic, raw and dusky face, with his shoulders leaning confidently on the chair, outstretched legs but foot firm on the ground, one hand supported on the long rims of the chair playing on his beard, and the other playing with the mouse. He was a known person, bit familiar, but not a friend, just an acquaintance though, I have passed by him many times without even acknowledging his presence, but today ….there was something that was playing the magnet. As a rule I don’t blush in office, but today I knew I was gonna break that rule, and yes I was breaking that rule as he gave a casual glance at me with his lips curved like a crescent. And there I was floored completely, knee shaking and holding my breath but managed to smile casually without losing my pride. He got up and walked past me, and turned left, I stealthily returned to my work station.

Of course I felt like a college girl, managing her first crush. I slowly kept my  EMPTY flask, and quietly pulled the chair at my work-station. As I sat tapping my laptop, with that mischievous smile still playing on my lips, I titled my help page, a brilliant title.

My subsequent encounters were very casual and short, we crossed each other mostly while walking or dropping by a colleagues work-station. Every time I tried hard to make my planned encounters very casual.  And then, there were those beautiful unplanned moments when he crossed me, with that priceless smile triggering some of the memorable romantic melodies in me. And I was not sure, if he felt the same panic attack just like me. So he became the new reason for my frequent visits to the pantry, to recharge myself.

There is one such beautiful encounter, totally unplanned. I was rushing down to meet a colleague for a discussion, and was just in time to get into the lift that was about to do an empty ride. I pressed the floor number, and started to play tunes with my fingers against the walls of the lift, which now echoed as it was completely empty. I flipped my iPhone humming my favorite tune, and tucked the hair strands that were dancing on my forehead.I looked at my reflection on the lift wall and styled my hair . It was then that I noticed, I was not alone. I looked sideways, to see that familiar rustic face, with a slightly amused and haughty smile glaring at me silently from the corner of the lift. The lift floor beneath me was rambling, but I managed a even haughtier smile and stepped out of the lift at my floor, with my pride intact.

I would be lying, if I said I have never felt like this, but there was something magical and real this time. We see rainbows in soap bubbles, prisms, pictures, and videos, sometimes we even create our own rainbows using the garden hose, but when you see the real rainbow painting the skies, you know it is the “one” but unreachable.

One thing is for sure, I have no plans to take this encounter further. My next move could even ruin this beautiful, unsaid, distant relationship. The relationship will loose its sheen, if it is acknowledged. Some of the most beautiful moments in life are unsaid and undefined. He continues to inspire me in many ways, and gives me the power to recharge. He will never be aware of my profound feelings for him, buried deep within me.

May be he is just my imagination, and I may even forget him after a few years but my heart will remember the worst trauma it survived.

Those helping hands behind working women

She is a petite, dusky and dull faced girl hailing from one of the most remote villages down south. She has just completed her 8th class and awaiting her results. Her parents feel that she is now big enough to make a living and decide to send her for work to a nearby juice factory. As poverty rules, she goes to work in the factory everyday for the next one year.

As she works in the factory, she reminiscences her good school days and tries to persuade her parents to send her to school again. But they convince her to get back to work as it’s been more than 3 months she stopped going to the factory and the family is suffering to feed her other 3 siblings. She gives a helpless look. Her parents this time send her to a construction site to work as a daily wage laborer as the incentive is better.

At the very same time I was struggling with my little son at home with no support system. Perils of a working mother. With both me and my husband leaving to our respective office as early as 8 in the morning, we needed someone at home to play and take care of my son. And I didn’t want to put my son in a day care. Since my mom passed away there was no question of maternal grand mom for help. And my mother-in-law was too old to run behind my son and attend to his tantrums. She needed someone to assist her. It was at this point Selvi….my helper came home. A relative of mine brought her. The first time I saw her, she was just a foot taller than my son. She didn’t like my home, and neither did I like her as I felt she was way to puny to manage my son. One thing that didn’t go well with me was being a journalist, I didn’t want to endorse child labour at my own home. So I asked my relative to take her back to her village and convince her parents to continue her schooling. But that didn’t happen and her parents tried to send her to another house. It was at this point I decided to keep her at my place, with the thought of convincing her parents. She was at my place for a couple of months playing with my son. One day, I called her parents home under the pretext of visiting Selvi and told them about how they can benefit later, if they can let Selvi continue her study now. I even told them that I was willing to sponsor her education. They were happy and took back Selvi to the village and promised to keep in touch with me about Selvi. Selvi didn’t like leaving my house as she was now used to my place and my son. But finally she left teary-eyed.

They were in touch with me for a month, but later I couldn’t reach them as they had changed the mobile number. And nobody informed me. Plus, I also became busy with my daily routine and lost track of Selvi. Everyday was very monotonous and hectic as I had nobody to help me. I had no time to do my favorite things and was feeling trapped. It was at this point I got a call from Selvi. She was crying at the other end because her parents were now planning to send her to another house to work, as her father fell sick and they were in need of money to run the family. I spoke to her parents and made them send Selvi to my place. God’s hand was upon both of us, we were destined to be with each other.

As days passed, she soon learnt the house hold chores,  and was almost managing all of them. She turned out to be my son’s best friend and partner in crime. I gave her a lot of books to read and improve her skills in our native language. She slowly involved herself in all the work at home and became closer and dearer to us. She picked up cooking too! Now she knows to switch on the laptop and type “GOOGLE”!

Now, if there is something that we need, we just need to wave our wand “Selvi” and Voila! it’s there. Her parents come to visit her whenever they want to and she also goes to her village. She is a blessing for me. May be god felt bad for taking my mom so soon, and to fill her void, he blessed me with Selvi. And for Selvi, she escaped from poverty and hardship. God’s plans are initially hard to accept but later they turn out to be blessings in disguise.

It was only after outsourcing some of my duties to Selvi, was I able to  anchor my home strongly. I get to spend a lot of my time with my son and husband, I am more productive at my work place and find time to read and write. I am now active on Quora, Twitter, entrepreneurship meets, alumni associations and what not. She has brought out the best in me. It is only because of her help at home I am able to step out of my house. I am indebted to her, next to god and we will both continue to rock!

Watch out for a book on this very soon.

Ella pugazhum iraivanukke!

The trap with an exit

I am in the process of  identifying my passion and making a profitable business out of it. So, you will be traveling along with me in this journey of recovering my passion. This is my first post in the series of post that will be followed as I slowly adorn the role of an entrepreneur.

Now, how many of us can claim that we are happy with our job or career?  For sure, I am not happy with my job although I am good at it.  I am sure many of us share the same feeling, but we still dutifully continue with our “boring” work schedule. There could be many reasons for continuing, some being financial freedom, escaping from people at home, want of a career, and et all. We are fooled into thinking that we are independent and in green pastures but in fact most of us end up as misfits. We take up jobs for the pay packet attached to it rather than choosing jobs that we are passionate about. It so happens that our passions are not lucrative or say, we are unaware to turn our passions to profit. We study something but we land up doing an entirely different thing. The imbalance between our passion and profit starts right here. It’s became a norm to end up in a job very quickly rather than find a passionate career. Neither are we clear about what we want nor the companies that recruit us. For them it’s cost cutting and for us it’s the gross..I mean salary. Isn’t this a kind of trap? No clue if we were caught unknowingly or we ourselves triggered our path to the trap. But why is it that we don’t land up doing something that we like doing? Won’t we all excel, then.

This is my 10th year in my career, and I am still hustling to find my passionate job. Tragedy!

I strongly believe that a majority of us are either influenced by other people or naive to decide what we are good at when we choose our career, and thus end up having an unpalatable job. And for the remaining few that get what they want soon find it sour because of the company, process or people.   By the time you realize you are a mismatch you would have already crossed  more than 5-7 years in the current job. Unnecessary Commitments, fear of change, new challenges, and so many other things do not allow you to change and finally you end up continuing in the same profile. You don’t know what to do, but also want to do something interesting and this imbalance triggers unproductivity and adds more hatred to work. We keep changing companies for the same job but not once do we try to change our nature of job to match something that we like to do.  May be we could have asked for a role change in the same company instead of changing companies for the same job. Why do we all end up doing something that we don’t like. We exchange time for money. We are scared to loose our job and continue the rat race in the trap.

Please let’s stop for a second and think.

Let’s re-define ourselves, and not give in to what is trending. It’s we who ring in the trend, so let’s refine our thought process. Unless we become our saviours there is never going to be another one. Initially change in any aspect is always difficult but it pays to embrace change. No matter if you are a newbie or an experienced one, if you feel you are one among the round bottom in a square peg, free yourself from the trap. Give yourself adequate time and slowly get in to something that you like doing at your own pace. You will be happy for the decision.  Rule breakers are the ones who make the world a better place. As they say “Experience is the best teacher”. Free yourself from the Trap!

I work as a Content marketer for a product based company and I am happy with my job. But I just realized that this not my passion and I want to do find out what I am good at or rather find out the purpose of my life and reach out to the community which has blessed me. I want to control my time schedule. I feel the need to give back.

I am still in the rat race but it’s just that I have realized I am trapped and now sketching out my escape route. If I could get in to a trap I must also be able to free myself.

Watch this space as I travel to find out the mystery of my life.

Ella pugazhum iraivanukke!

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